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8 benefits to being an independent freight forwarder

An independent freight forwarder is a person who helps to get, ship and transport loads on behalf of other companies. They are called independent because they aren’t a part of “multinationals” or “global freight forwarders”. Today we are going to understand the advantages of being an independent freight forwarder. 

  1. First benefit would obviously be independence. They can run their own business however they want. They also have their own offices, many partners around the world and all this time they don’t depend on anyone. And for the same reason, all their work and document management is quite transparent. 
  2. The second point is closely connected with the first one. Since independent freight forwarders provide greater transparency, they need better working conditions. That’s why they use cutting edge technology. Undoubtedly it can be seen as an advantage. Everyone enjoys working with modern equipment. There are different cloud-based and automated systems that provide growth opportunities.
  3. Now the services of independent forwarders are in demand in today’s market. Shippers want to work with them more and more often. This is because people trust them. They are also attracted by the transparency of operations, favorable working conditions and high-quality technologies. The statistics show that independent freight forwarders can be more attentive to their customers than bigger companies. Their customers are their reputation. This fact has contributed to the growth in popularity of independent freight forwarders.
  4. An independent freight forwarder may more often refuse to work with a customer. Of course, in case these are your first steps in business, you won’t have crowds of customers. In the beginning you will try to work with anyone. However, with the growth of your business, you will be more selective in your choice. That’s why independent freight forwarders offer a more personal relationship with customers.
  5. The work of an independent forwarder is more flexible than that of large companies. Agility is really important in the logistics industry. It includes not only transporting, it is also about storing loads in warehouses and packing loads. It is more difficult for bigger freight forwarding companies to achieve a balance between sea and air freight, so they usually choose one. While an independent freight forwarder adjusts better and faster. 
  6. The sixth advantage of being an independent freight forwarder is free choice. This benefit is closely related to flexibility and independence. They can choose the best route, carrier and price. In case of unforeseen situations, it is easier for them to make decisions and solve problems.
  7. Since the profession of an independent freight forwarder involves organizational and negotiation skills, you automatically have many good connections. It’s always helpful.
  8. And last but not least is profit. We previously mentioned that the services of independent freight forwarders are gaining popularity and their price is growing too. As of December 26, 2022 they make $22.53 an hour. So this work is going to be profitable for you. 

As you can see, being an independent freight forwarder is a really good idea these days. Don`t miss your chance to become a professional with a decent income! Thank you for reading our article!